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On behalf of myself and the entire management team, I want to welcome you to our club's website.  Here you will find all you need to know about the club, its meetings, activities, trips and social events.   These are all summarized below and more details can be found on the appropriate page.   

I want to stress that this website is just a tool and does not replace good old-fashioned, human dialogue.   Feel free to call myself or any member of the management team if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions .  You can find our contact information on the Management Team page

I look forward to seeing all of you at one of our many meetings and events.

Jim McMinn, President

meeting schedule

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, only online meetings are scheduled at this time and we will restart our usual general meeting as soon as possible when the situation becomes clearer and meeting rooms become available again.    Stay Tuned.

Club News

Deidrey Francois has created a video for us for our upcoming Christmas Party.      Check it out.

A recording of Peter Jennings talk - Why Happiness Matters - is now available on the Members Page.  During that talk, Peter gave us his thought provoking:  Peter Jennings' 7 Happiness Secrets.jpg

Want to see some local Christmas Light shows?   Check out the Christmas page

Check out the Members page for photos of the Orange Chiffon cakes that were prepared at our first on-line baking class.   A great (and obviously successful) time was had by all.

Eileen has switched to a weekly schedule for her walks while weather permits and COVID restrictions remain in place.  Check out the Easy Hiking page.

Lorna Ware is still planning to run a Grand Mackinac Island adventure as soon as travel restrictions have been lifted.   Stay tuned for further details.

A reminder that the City of Pickering is offering a series of on-line talks called "Seniors Centre Without Walls Spotlight Series".  Call 905.420.4660 ext. 2078 or email for the schedule or to register for a talk.

The Town of Pickering has set up Adults 55+ Facebook Group and invite all PROBUS members to Join.   Click here 

Below are pictures of the Christmas Cakes that were made in the Lakeside Lets Bake session on Nov. 30.   Don't forget to save some for our Christmas Party.

<< All album photos -1/3 photos

stay connected

Introducing 2 new Web pages built specially for you during the pandemic - Christmas and Things To Do.    You will find them in the main menu above or click these buttons:

  Christmas              Things to Do 

Christmas consists of 4 Forums:  Christmas Memories, Recipes, Decorations and Ugliest Apparel.   Click on any link to upload and share your Christmas pictures or memories.   

Things to Do consists of a number of links to interesting websites that might help you get through the winter months.   It also has a Things to Do Forum where you can share details of other interesting sites or apps that you enjoy.

When you are in a Forum, click on "CREATE TOPIC"  to add a new post or click on an existing post and click "REPLY" to comment on it.   

Add a Subject Line, the Body of your post and then click on Choose files to upload any photos or files.   Click on CONFIRM to finish posting it.   

And while you're there don't forget to "Subscribe to Topic" to get emailed whenever somebody adds anything.

upcoming activities

Below are the next few activities organized by our wonderful Activity Coordinators.  For a full listing of all activities and details of each, or to register for them, please visit the Calendar or Activities Page.

community events

In this section of your website we will from time to time list non-Probus community events that might be of interest to our members.   For example:


  • Throughout the year the City offers fitness, dance, arts, leisure, and special interest options that have been specifically designed, and priced to suit older adults.  View the details here.

Any local events you want to share?   Let us know

community guides and press releases


In addition to the 260 Canadian clubs and over 4,000 clubs worldwide. PROBUS also has a Global Club.

This is a great connection to the rest of the world for all PROBUS members.

Check it Out 


Our sincere thanks:

For their wholehearted and ongoing support of our Club we thank:   

"Chartwell Pickering City Centre" and Chartwell Parkway

and "The City of Pickering"


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