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Here is an additional information note from Petrinas (Frank)

Let your members know that our fundamental tenet is to provide a comfortable safe environment for our patrons.  We are very diligent in our sanitizing and procedures.

Look forward to welcoming back some masked friendly faces.

On Sun, 21 Nov 2021 at 11:33, John Cox <> wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am going to start this activity up and when Don is comfortable, he can take over the Lead Role.

In this note, I will cover off 2 aspects of this Activity:

1. Go Forward Plan

2. Description of playing Billiards in the Covid Period that we are in now.  The objective is to make you feel comfortable that you can safely participate in this activity.  This is based upon my experience of convening a small group at Petrinas a couple of weeks ago.

1. Go Forward Plan

Dates - Wednesdays for the next 2 months

              - December 1st

              - December 22nd  (Reflects a bump of 1 week due to Probus Xmas Lunch on the 15th)

              - January 5th

              - January 19th (Note Probus Monthly Meeting is on Tuesday this month)

              - February 2nd

Start Time - 1030 AM until when you want to leave

Place - Petrinas Billiards on the east side of Harwood, first light south of #2 (Same Place as Usual)

Cost - $5.00 (Unchanged from Pre-covid) (i.e. Good Deal)

2. Recent Experience at Petrinas

A few weeks back, several friends and I met up at Petrinas to determine whether it was a good time to start back with this activity.  Overall our group was quite pleased with the experience.  It reminded us of old times - lots of laughs and catching up on how everyone was doing given the Covid time gap.

Frank (Proprietor of Petrinas) checked to make sure all patrons are double vaxed and were masked.  Aside from our group of 4, there were 2 other gentlemen playing at a far off table.  The facility felt largely empty for our stay i.e. no crowds beyond our own group.  We played the usual Poker Pool format as we had done Pre Covid.  The main rule for Masking was that when you were shooting, it was necessary to wear your mask.  My personal interpretation of that rule was to prevent any potential contamination of the table for other players.  Once your shot was complete, you could step back and remove your mask.  This made it convenient to carry on a conversation.

I hope the above addresses any questions you may have had.


I hope you will come out and give this activity a try.  All of us are social players that do not take the game seriously and are out for a social event to interact with people i.e. no skill required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.  I will send out reminders when we near each of the above dates.


John Cox 

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