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PROBUS clubs generally manage to attract some amazing people to talk to us at our monthly meetings.  And our club is no exception.   

Below is the schedule of meetings for the next few months and our Speakers are listed on the right.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future speakers for our club please let me know: 

Laura Green

Meeting Schedule

January 20 - Thanh Campbell (via Zoom)

Mr. Campbell is the proud father of 4 great kids. Aaron, Matthew, Joshua and Rachel. He grew up as the youngest of 6 in the Campbell family. He was adopted in Cambridge and moved to the Maritimes till he returned to Ontario for University.

He has had various careers including retail, fund raising, public relations and currently serves as the Director of Sales for Ardent Marketing. All the while he has been building his professional speaking career.    Most recently Thanh has written his autobiography titled Orphan 32. Since then, he has been invited to speak and MC at numerous business groups, conferences and schools across Canada as a keynote speaker sharing his story of coming to Canada and other inspirational and wellness topics.

In 2014, Mr. Campbell was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award a prestigious award presented by the Rotary for those who efforts are commended in community building.

Thanh will tell us the incredible Orphan 32 story:   Nearly two decades long, the Vietnam War was one of history’s most devastating battles.   In 1975, the last flight out of Vietnam rescued 57 war orphans before the Communists took over the south capital of Saigon.   Nguyen Ngoc Minh Thanh was aboard that flight. He was Orphan #32.   Thanh’s story began like many other Vietnamese orphans on Operation Babylift, but as he later discovered, his path had taken a much different direction from the rest.   Orphan 32 will take you on a remarkable journey of life, love, family and self-discovery. 

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