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Please note the following legislation and how it may affect you and your relationship with our club:

CASL -July 1st 2014 - The CANADIAN ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION came into effect. “CASL is applicable to any person, corporation or organisation that makes use of e-mail lists for COMMERCIAL purposes. PROBUS Canada has reviewed this legislation and is satisfied that it will have no impact on our PROBUS operations at the national, district or club levels, as we do not communicate electronically with members, or consumers, for the purposes of commercial marketing.” We do however, communicate with our members via e-mail and for that reason we ask you to acknowledge and consent to e-mail communications from PROBUS Pickering Lakeside.

PIPEDA - January 1, 2004 the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) came into effect. This Act affects all business, including not-for-profit organizations, such as ours. Subject to some exceptions, personal information cannot be collected, used or disclosed without the individual’s knowledge and consent. Personal information is defined as “information about an individual, but it does not include the name, title, or phone number, E Mail address, or mailing address of its members.” PROBUS Clubs generally do not ask for private information and most certainly do not publish anything subject to this Act such as health, financial information, marital status etc.  PROBUS Clubs do, however make available a Membership List to its members, including: Name, address, phone number and email address.   If you do not wish to have this information displayed on our site, you can update the Privacy Settings in your profile.   We ask you to acknowledge and consent to storing this information on our site.

Photo Release: PROBUS Pickering Lakeside may occasionally take pictures of its participants for use in promotional materials or publications (newsletter, websites, etc.).   By acknowledging that you have read these terms and conditions , you agree to allow PROBUS Pickering Lakeside to reproduce the likeness of you as it relates to club activities. 

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