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Below are our Policies & Procedures.    Click here for the PDF version Policies and Procedures.pdf

PROBUS Club of Pickering Lakeside – Policies and Procedures

Amended May 2019


  • No individual member can profit from any Club activity, other than in exceptional circumstances at the discretion and with the specific approval of the Management Committee.

  • All interest clubs must be self-supporting: any charges for that activity will be borne by the participants and should be for costs of a particular meeting.

  • Club conveners are responsible for giving an account of any monies collected and expensed to the Treasurer at least annually prior to the AGM.

  • When an inquiry concerning any activity is received by any member of the Management Committee, it should be sent to the Activities Coordinator by e-mail or telephone.

  • Coordination of venues and facilities: The House Coordinator is to arrange facilities for Club meetings and the Activities Coordinator is to be contacted to arrange facilities for activity spaces.


  • Pictures appearing in unauthorized literature should not identify subjects by name.

  • Information Protection Policy is available for all members on the PROBUS Pickering Lakeside website, under home and legal stuff, to review. Members are required to indicate that they have read and understood the Information Protection policies.


  • The majority of payments for memberships and renewals or events will be made on-line at the time of registration.

  • From time to time, at the discretion of the Management Team, payment by cheque will be accepted and these cheques and payments are to be submitted at or before the following Management Committee meeting.

  • Cheques and payments collected at any General Meeting are to be submitted to the Treasurer at that meeting with a reconciliation for each account or event.

  • Cheques and payments are to be submitted at or before the following Management Committee meeting.

  • No signing officer shall sign his/her own cheque.

  • The Treasurer will not hold any pre-signed cheques.


  • The House Coordinator (or his/her deputy) is to be contacted to arrange facilities for Club meetings and Activities Coordinator is to arrange activity spaces (i.e. City of Pickering, Chartwell, VIVA).

  • All members shall pay the $2.00 meeting fee.


  • There is a Directory (listing name, email and phone number only) available to all members on-line.

  • The list is not to be used for any commercial purpose.


  • Guests are encouraged and most welcome to attend the PROBUS Club of Pickering Lakeside’s regular meetings to learn and experience the benefits of membership.

  • Guests will be asked to pay the $2.00 meeting fee when they visit. After a guest has visited the club the third time, they will be contacted through email, by the membership coordinator to confirm their interest in membership in the club.

  • Active participation in the PROBUS Club of Pickering Lakeside is contingent on full membership status.


  • The Club Newsletter will be emailed to all members.

  • The Webmaster will ensure that newsletters are to be sent to PROBUS Canada, the District Director, the City of Pickering and other PROBUS Clubs in Durham Region.


  • In the majority of cases, payments for an event will be made on-line at time of registration. If any other form of payment is allowed, these must be received at the General Meeting prior to the event date. No refunds will be granted to members unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • Refunds for social events are to be decided by the Social Coordinators on an event-by-event basis, dependent upon the vendors involved.

  • No individual member can profit from any Club activity. Nothing herein shall prevent the payment of approved remuneration for services actually rendered to the Club.

  • All tips for drivers, guides, and administration fees will be paid by the Social Coordinator from the fees paid by members for that activity.

  • Coordinators are responsible for giving an account of any monies collected and expensed.

  • Events for the whole Club may be subsidized (i.e. Lunch Reception, Christmas Lunch, Picnic or BBQ etc.). To control numbers and potential no-shows and cancellations, members may be charged a token or nominal fee.

  • When an inquiry concerning a social event is received by any member of the Management Committee, the member shall be referred to the Social Coordinators or the website.

  • Details of events are e-mailed to committed participants on a timely basis prior to the event.

  • A calendar of events is to be posted on our website.

  • A surcharge will be made for non-members attending an event, with a member, and will be determined by the Social Coordinators and/or Management Committee on an event-by-event basis. Non-members will only be welcomed to go on an event if there is availability of space. Members have priority for booking events/excursions over non-members.

  • When longer trips involve hotel stays, a member may bring a friend at the member prices, in order to avoid the single supplement charges.

  • Participants in interest groups must be registered full members in PROBUS Club of Pickering Lakeside in order to participate in activities. A member may bring a non-member if there is an agreement with the Interest Group Coordinator.


  • If a speaker is selling books or services, an honorarium will be given to cover travel expenses.

  • If a speaker is from a charity, or other organization, the fee amount would be on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the Speaker’s Coordinator up to a maximum of $300. Otherwise, at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Bereavement or Serious Illness

  • On receiving notification of the death of a PROBUS member, the club secretary will send a card of condolence to the family.

  • On receiving notification of the death of a member’s spouse/partner or close relative, who is not a PROBUS member, the club secretary will send a card of condolence to the member. 

  • On receiving notification of a member’s hospitalization for a serious illness the club secretary will send a card to the member.


  • A Website ( will be established and maintained using the” Wild Apricot” Membership Application software.

  • The Webmaster will have full responsibility for this website.

  • All members must have a unique email address to be able to use the website (and therefore join the club).

  • The site will enable new members to join and existing members to both renew on-line and to join “Interest Groups”.

  • The site will provide a full listing of current events and where applicable allow members to register and pay for those events.   This will be available both in a Calendar View and more detailed listings.

  • The Wild Apricot functionality will ensure that all events, updates, announcements, news, payment invoices and receipts, etc. are properly communicated by email to the appropriate members, groups or the club as a whole.

  • The site will provide the ability for members to access and print all the Clubs’ legal paperwork including our Constitution, Our Bylaws, Our Privacy Policy, these Policies & Procedures and past and current Newsletters.

  • The site will include a limited Member Directory available to all members.

    Guidelines for Activities being organised by Lakeside members


    • The Policies and Procedures of PROBUS Pickering Lakeside state that a member may not profit from any club activity. There have been some questions about the price to be charged for activities, and how a member organizer is to be compensated for providing the necessary supplies for the activity. The following guidelines are intended to cover the various situations.
    Activity Pricing:
    • The overarching principle is that the activity must not run a deficit
    • The member organizer should estimate the cost of supplies
    • As no fee is to be paid to the member organizer for his/her instructional input, the supplies will form the bulk of the posted registration fee
    • The price for the activity should be discussed with the treasurer prior to being posted on the website or promotional material
    • This will allow the treasurer to ensure that allowance has been made for fees charged for on-line payments as well as the possibility of additional supplies being required
    • The finalized price will be posted to the website and will be the same, regardless of the method of payment
    Expense reimbursement:
    • The member organizer must provide the treasurer with itemized receipts for supplies purchased
    • If the member organizer is using supplies from their own stock, a list of such supplies must be provided, together with a reasonable estimate of the cost of those items
    • If supplies remain, following completion of the activity, then a member organizer may retain such items upon providing a list and pricing of the items kept.
    • The member organizer will be reimbursed based on the net calculation of the above three items
    • The member organizer will be expected to make all purchases using his/her own funds. No advances of funds will be provided
    • Reimbursement will be provided following completion of the activity
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