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PROBUS Pickering Lakeside:  In-person Venue Guidelines and Protocols.

The following are some general guidelines and protocols we are proposing for all upcoming In-person indoor meetings, trips, activities etc. that we will be making available to members.  These have been developed to safeguard the club and all of our members.

  1. All in-person activities, trips, meetings, BBQs, celebrations, etc. (Events) will be staged in accordance with Federal, Provincial, Municipal, local Health Authority and Venue specific guidelines in effect at that time (The Guidelines).

  2. Event participation will usually be limited to members who are fully vaccinated (or medically cleared to not be vaccinated).

  3. All members (and occasional guests) will be required to register for each Event in our on-line registration system.  The number of registrations may be limited based on The Guidelines and attendance may be further logged at the meeting site/event.    The Registration List may be used for COVID Tracing. 

  4. As appropriate for different venues and The Guidelines, on-line registration may also include some status and screening questions and answering these will be mandatory.   

  5. Mask wearing and Social Distancing will be mandated by the type of Event and the applicable Guidelines.   Mask wearing is highly recommended for any members with a high medical risk and Members are encouraged to bring their own masks to all Events.   

  6. If hand sanitizers are mandatory, the club will make them available.

  7. Any food or beverage will be canned, bottled or pre-wrapped where possible.  If serving is required, it will be limited to volunteers wearing gloves, using tongs etc.   There will be no self service options.

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