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Club News

Laura took a number of excellent photos at the AGM and they have been uploaded onto the Members Page.  You can view them here.

Linda has just added 3 more Arts and Crafts activities for you.  Another painting opportunity,  a clay studio adventure, and weaving on a twig loom.   Check them out.

The Valentine's Day Briars' Inn trip was enjoyed by all and you can view some photos in the Post in the Members Section below.

March is "PROBUS Month" and communities worldwide will be supporting this.   Pickering is no exception and, after a recent presentation by Jim to the Mayor, the City of Pickering has announced that March is PROBUS Month and fill be fully supporting this in its meetings, communications and on its website.

Chartwell Residences have been an amazing supporter of our club so we are very pleased to add Cathy Mackrell,  Business Development Manager for Chartwell , as an "Honorary Member".  She will be at our March meeting so we can properly recognize their contributions.

A reminder about bringing guests to our various events and meetings:   

  • Each member can invite 1 guest  to a meeting.
  • Non-members are only allowed to attend 3 meetings, after which time they must join our club.
  • Excursions and social events will be restricted to single member only registrations initially.   Then members will be allowed to bring guests if it becomes apparent that there are spaces for them (but they may be charged a higher rate).
  • As a general rule, guests are not allowed at any of our activities.

Laura has been able to secure a repeat presentation by Chris DiCarlo.   You all enjoyed Chris' talk about Ethics - "Good vs Evil" last year and at our July meeting this year he will be engaging us all again in a presentation about  Critical Thinking in a Post-Truth World.

We are probably the only PROBUS club in Canada that does not have a Wine Tasting or Appreciation group!!   There must be somebody out there who can lead such a group and you'll surely get lots of interest and support.   Contact Lynne if you are willing and able to head up such an activity.

Vicki will be introducing a new format for our Newsletter next month.   She would welcome your feedback/suggestions.

If you are interested in getting any lessons or tips about using this website, let Peter Green know.   If there is enough interest he will organize a training session.   


On behalf of myself and the entire management team, I want to welcome you to our club's website.  Here you will find all you need to know about the club, its meetings, activities, trips and social events.   These are all summarized below and more details can be found on the appropriate page.   

I want to stress that this website is just a tool and does not replace good old-fashioned, human dialogue.   Feel free to call myself or any member of the management team if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions .  You can find our contact information on the Management Team page

I look forward to seeing all of you at one of our many meetings and events.

Jim McMinn

meeting schedule

Below are the dates of our next few meetings.   You can see the full schedule plus discover the speakers lined up for those meetings on the Speakers/Meetings Page

  • 11 Mar 2020 10:00 AM
    East Salon, Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Center, Pickering
  • 15 Apr 2020 10:00 AM
    East Salon, Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Center, Pickering
  • 20 May 2020 10:00 AM
    East Salon, Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Center, Pickering
  • 17 Jun 2020 10:00 AM
    East Salon, Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Center, Pickering

members section

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions you want to share with your fellow members then press the CREATE TOPIC button to add it.  You can also reply to, or comment on, any other Posts, and "Subscribe to forum" to get emailed on any new posts or updates.


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Upcoming PPL social events and excursions

Below are the next 3 upcoming Social Events.   For the full listing and more details of each, please visit the Excursions Page.

The listing below is for events organized by our sister club, The PROBUS Club of Pickering.   As such we will have a limited number of seats available to us and any inquiries about any of them should be directed to Shirlie van Putten.

  • You must be a member and logged in to see these events

upcoming activities

Below are the next few activities organized by our wonderful Activity Coordinators.   For a full listing of all activities and details of each, please visit the Activities Page.

community events

In this section of your website we will from time to time list non-Probus community events that might be of interest to our members.   For example:


  • Throughout the year the City offers fitness, dance, arts, leisure, and special interest options that have been specifically designed, and priced to suit older adults.  View the details here.
  • There is a very active Pickleball Club that meets several times a week in various locations in Pickering and PROBUS members are more than welcome.   For more information contact Dave Werry.

Any local events you want to share?   Let us know


In addition to the 260 Canadian clubs and over 4,000 clubs worldwide. PROBUS also has a Global Club.

This is a great connection to the rest of the world for all PROBUS members.

Check it Out 


Our sincere thanks:

For their wholehearted and ongoing support of our Club we thank both:

"Chartwell Pickering City Centre".


"The City of Pickering".    

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