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Welcome to PROBUS

PROBUS was started in 1987 in Canada for retired & semi-retired men and women who enjoy keeping healthy minds and bodies and socializing with other retirees in the community.   

PROBUS is a volunteer-based, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian fellowship organization with over 4,000 clubs worldwide. 

In PROBUS you’ll find a wealth of new experiences and a much-expanded social network. The opportunities abound in each club with awesome guest speakers, a broad range of interesting activities and social events, stimulating conversation and the chance to explore your community, Canada, and the world with new friends. 

Every PROBUS club is run entirely by member volunteers who give freely of their time to make each club a success.  By becoming a volunteer, it is easier to meet people and make new friends and you also become an integral part of the club either as a member of the Management Team or by heading up an activity.

Upcoming Activities & Events

Select an activity to register or find out more about it.  For a different view, check out the Calendar.

Club News

We are pleased to welcome Valerie Rodrigues and Elaine Phipps as "Members at Large" on our management team.

Photo Contest:

While you are out walking make sure you take along your camera or cell phone and take some pictures that you think are award winning

Upload your photos to our Facebook Group page for everyone to enjoy. If you have not already joined our Facebook Group, please click here to join: PROBUS Pickering Lakeside. Remember this Facebook Group is for members only of Pickering Lakeside.

Here are the rules:

Contest starts on April 18th and ends on April 30th EOD

A YouTube video of Daniel Aonso's presentation on Irish musicians on March 17th is now available to members on YouTube.   Click here to view it

A recording of the recent WhatsApp/Messenger workshop is now available.  Click here to view it.

Now that we have streamlined our website for Smart Phone viewing, why don't you also try the Wild Apricot app for either an iPhone or Android phone.  Search for "Wild Apricot for Members" in the appropriate app store.

The Things to Do webpage consists of a number of links to interesting websites that might help you get through the winter months. Check it out.


Retirement is the time to reinvent yourself and do the things you never had time for when you were working.  Scroll through our website to learn what’s happening and how you can benefit from membership. Join us today and make the most of your golden years. 



One of the many benefits of membership is access to regularly scheduled gatherings of club members who share common interests.  Some Activities are seasonal, while others run throughout the year. 

Providing a variety of activities gives members an opportunity to get to know each other better while doing something that they enjoy.  We currently have over a dozen such groups in our club, many that have been adapted to Zoom for the duration of Covid-19.


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions PROBUS Pickering Lakeside has suspended its social events for the time being.

Our members enjoy a variety of social events.  Some local events include going to theatres and tourist attractions and visiting local restaurants for lunch or dinner.  We educate as well as entertain by providing trips to museums, historic sites and tours of local businesses and industries.  We come together annually to celebrate special times together like summer BBQ's and Holidays. These special events require advance registration and payment.

City of Pickering Updates

 The City of Pickering, from time to time, request that we share information with our membership about issues of interest to our seniors.

Click on the links to the right to find out more.


Our sincere thanks to the City of Pickering for

their ongoing support of our Club

The City of Pickering has asked us to share the following:  Statistic Canada will be hiring 32,000 people to work on the Census and this may be an excellent employment opportunity for older adults.   They have asked that we circulate the information to ensure that our members know about these job opportunities and about the upcoming Census taking place in May 2021.  Please visit if you are interested.

The City of Pickering:

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