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Monthly Meeting

Our membership meets on the third Wednesday of each month for updates, information, fellowship and to be entertained and educated by our monthly speaker.

Our regular meeting place is the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Centre, but during Covid-19, all monthly meetings will be held on ZOOM.

Note: The Registration link will appear three weeks prior.

Join us - have fun and meet new friends

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Previous Speakers

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Any Suggestions ?

If you have any suggestions for future speakers, then Laura woud love to hear from you.   If there is enough interest she will gladly follow up.   

Laura can be reached at

Upcoming Speakers

May Monthly Meeting - Bruce McKay

Dr. Bruce McKay is the Chair of the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University.  His research focuses on recreational alcohol and drug use in university students and mechanisms by which psychoactive drugs affect brain functions. He teaches neuroscience and pharmacology courses.

Dr. McKay grew up near Woodstock, Ontario, and completed his post-secondary education at Laurentian University, the University of Calgary, and the Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas). He has been a professor at Laurier since 2008.

He will be talking about: “The Brain on Cannabis” which will overview the effects that cannabis has on brain structures and functions and the resulting effects on the complexities of human behaviour.    He will briefly discuss the neuroscience of short-term effects of cannabis (from the munchies to driving impairments to treatment of pain and other ailments), why it isn’t possible to lethally overdose on cannabis, long-term effects of cannabis (with a focus on addiction and the differential effects of cannabis on teenagers vs. adults), and review new cannabis laws in Canada and how those laws may intersect with an improved understanding of the neuroscience of cannabis.

June Monthly Meeting - Robin Clipsham 

Robin ClipSHamActor, director, writer, and theatre educator Robin Clipsham has spent most of her life in theatre.  She founded and developed a theatre company for young people, taught theatre performance and production for Nipissing University,  spent over 25 years as a theatre educator, and is an award-winning improvisational theatre coach

Winner of four awards for her work in locally developed community theatre, Robin has contributed her time and expertise to local initiatives for over 20 years as Artistic Director for Muskoka StageWorks .   Robin is also an accomplished actor and director and lives in Muskoka with her husband, Michael.

Robin's presentation will cover the various aspects and attributes of playing improv for fun and for health, especially as we age.  It will also go into the various skills involved/developed for doing improv and, using 5 club members, "play" a number of the entry level games and talk about the skills we are using/developing with each one.   Along the way, we will have a few, or a lot, of laughs!!

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