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Monthly Meeting

Our membership meets on the third Wednesday of each month for updates, information, fellowship and to be entertained and educated by our monthly speaker.

Our regular meeting place is the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Centre in the Salons.

Note: The Registration link will appear three weeks prior.

Join us - have fun and meet new friends

Next Meetings

  • 19 Oct 2022 10:00 AM
    Don Beer Arena - Banquet Hall - 940 Dillingham Rd, Pickering, ON L1W 1Z6

Previous Speakers

Click here to see a list of our previous speakers.

Any Suggestions ?

If you have any suggestions for future speakers, then Laura woud love to hear from you.   If there is enough interest she will gladly follow up.   

Laura can be reached at

Upcoming Speakers

PictureThis month's speaker is Lori Oschefski, President of ‘Home Children Canada’ (HCC), a charitable organization she founded in 2012 which is dedicated to bringing the true stories of the British Home Children to light. 

Throughout the years Lori and HCC have steadily maintained their mission of cataloging Home Children stories, gathering information about the children and their lives in Canada, reconnecting families unjustly torn apart by these migrant programs, and promoting the story of the Home Children across the world.  Her personal connection with this story comes through her mother, who arrived in Canada in 1924 at the tender age of 2.   

Lori will share some of her research and stories of some of these children with us.

Between 1869 and 1948 over 100,000 impoverished children, from toddlers to eighteen, were removed from the UK and sent to Canadian shores to become domestic servants and farm workers. Unlike the Guest Children who were sent here to protect them against the war, there was no intention to send the Home Children back home. Most were forever separated from their families, friends, culture and country. Most Home Children spent their lives not knowing who they were, where they had come from and why they had truly been sent to Canada. 

Lori is a Genealogical Researcher and Advocate whose work is recognized worldwide. She has been the subject of extensive coverage with interviews and articles through news media outlets such as the BBC in England, CBC radio, CBC The National, The Scotsman (Scotland) and many other community Canadian newspapers.   

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